Benefits of Cloud for Government


The work of a civil servant is not always tied to a desk. Their communication tools shouldn’t be either. With Call Logix cloud communication, government employees can use voice, video, mobility and IM to collaborate, stay in touch with the office, and respond quickly to constituents and colleagues.


Call Logix lets you see staff availability from wherever you are; you can check if employees are at their desk or on a mobile device. Instantly transfer urgent calls, conference in multiple parties, or send important messages to everyone at the same time.


Technology used in government and educational institutions is rapidly advancing, but much of it is not designed for public budgets. With Call Logix cloud communications, you are able to use your broadband connection for voice, video and collaboration, in many cases without purchasing new equipment.


Office administrators can plan for the short term or years to come with the scalability of Call Logix cloud communications. Service plans and devices are designed for any sized building or school, including common area phones, e911 availability, desktop and mobile communication, and collaboration apps.


Eliminate project delays. Instant collaboration, group chats, and video sharing increase team productivity. A single platform reduces time spent on managing your system and enables administrators to monitor employee activity.


Eliminate project delays. Instant collaboration, group chats and video sharing increases team productivity. All students involved in a group project can participate from anywhere, so assignments can get done on time.

Student Safety

From digital roll-call to emergency services, Call Logix enables teachers and parents to see that students are in class and safe.

One Platform

United on the most reliable, secure cloud communications infrastructure, Call Logix keeps students connected with their education.

Amazing Service®

A+ service, every day of the week. All based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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