Intuitive navigation makes setup a snap

  •  One-page concept guides you through features like a checklist
  •  Accordion style let you focus on one task at a time
  •  Access anything you need in just a few clicks

Manage your Call Logix account from anywhere

  •  Manage your dashboard on any Internet browser or mobile device
  •  Identify bottlenecks, availability issues, and employee productivity
  •  Manage all of your incoming and outgoing calls with one simple click

Help where you need it

  •  The information and support you need without leaving the page
  •  XBert tips translate Phone-ish into English
  •  Quickly learn to make changes to your account with ‘How to’ videos

Import up to 100 users at one time

  •  Ground-breaking import feature adds multiple users in minutes
  •  Even assigns users their phones or devices
  •  Save yourself time and hassle

A separate interface just for Users

  •  Users can manage their own feature settings
  •  Listen to voicemails
  •  View their call history
  •  Update their personal information

Flexible administrator access

  •  Assign admins to multiple locations, all locations, or a single location
  •  Give an admin permissions to add other admins themselves
  •  Access PINs directly in the portal

Truly one size fits all

  •  One system that works for very small businesses to enterprises with large call centers
  •  Never need to upgrade
  •  Just add on extra users and features as you need them

Gain unprecedented insight with Call Logix Analytics

  •  Monitor real-time call activity on a dashboard or an office wallboard
  •  Spot patterns and compare data between users, locations, and periods
  •  Create custom reports to quickly look at the data you care about the most​

See how Call Logix will transform the way you communicate.

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